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musicalsilence2's Journal
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Saturday, September 22nd, 2007
2:59 am
Après 43 semaines.
Je suis de nouveau interessé par LJ.  Quel mystère.

The notable things that have happened to me since 2006 are numerous.  And I will not list them, for I am unmotivated!  And yet, I feel the hand of LJ pull my tired skull out of it's blogless hybernation.  Then again this might be the only post I make in 2007.  Haha, and anyway, I don't know if anyone will see it.

What a strange glorious and yet bizarre summer!  What a wild rollercoasteresque begining to the session. 
3:00 am and I decide to update livejournal, there's something very wrong here. heh.

This summer was quite eventfull for Planetarium, we recorded a single at Decapolis Labs, and had a splendid time doing it. 
Speaking of music:    www.myspace.com/inferiorandroidmusic  

All in all a splendid summer, filled with music, working, and being with the love of my life. 
Unfortunatly a summer that was one of the best drifted into being quite dismal at the end.
Quite a few things have changed, including my status as being in a relationship(from being in one, to not being in one).  In any case, a very strange begining to a session.
I'm planning on studying audio production and recording in January if I can get in to the program.

I recently bought a bass so I could further my interest in the instrument.  It's green, it's pretty.

Hai!!  I watched Shattered Glass this evening, it was pretty interesting, a journalist that truly existed that made up almost half of his stories to seem more interesting.  I also watched the Deathnote movie!! Based on a manga that I've become attached too, it was very humerous and fun to watch.  And they picked great actors for Light and L. 

In conclusion:  Meeting new cool people is great.  I highly reccomend it. 

Socialism. Sociology. yeah!
Friday, November 24th, 2006
1:17 pm
Mon projet d'art-com est sur Youtube.

Hommu, I'm honored that you would spend the time uploading my humble project. XD


I question my own sanity at having made such a thing. I think we got 100% on it. heh.
And my bus is in 5 minutes.
Ja ne.

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
4:55 pm
NOOOO Deadman! This is horrid!

Current Mood: angry
Saturday, February 11th, 2006
2:41 am
Oat Squares and Sparky
Today was definetly one of the best in a while! I felt quite good all day, and I got to skip french class to hang out in the art room and listen to Plastic Tree because there was a replacement teacher. This pattern of no school work continued throughout the day! Then I went home and to my absolute joy, I walked in to find a package from the amazing Charity. : ) It definetly made my day if not my month! I cannot express my thanks enough. Arigato Charity, you never cease to make me smile.
I'm looking forward to resting this weekend, and I spent this evening conversing with Charity, and Scott(thank you very much for the music!) searching for j-rock lives. I beleive I shall soon end the day and rest my rather tired eyes. Fairwell, till next time.

Current Mood: happy
Saturday, February 4th, 2006
6:02 pm
Bonsoir, Yesterday evening and morning I had a wonderfull conversation with Charity on skype. I have missed those late nights conversing with her, school certainly takes up alot of time. I awoke a few minutes before 3 and stumbled out of bed feeling quite refreshed and prepared to take on the day. :P I checked my mail, and spoke with Charity for a few moments on aim before getting something to eat and then heading out to chip the ice off of the drive way and then shovel it off, since the driveway had been completely frozen over from the last rain. That took around 2 hours and when finished I felt quite musical and so I took up the guitar, turned on the pedal put on my headphones and forgot time for a while. :) And now here I am! I reformated the bridge for a composition I had completed a while back, I don't recall the name the you gave it Scott (the "alien" distortion) Anyway, other than that my activities have included playing drums at a church, and ever attempting to improve myself on guitar. :) I hope you are all fairing well, à la prochaine!

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
9:45 pm
Hm qu'elle chanson choisir...
I have been working hard on getting my preparations complete for an oral on Japan tomorow in french. It's going to count for alot so I'm attempting to memorize most of my text. Peter gave me a bag of yen, a fan, and 5 books to study Japanese with, and Kanji flash cards. :P I've started the one book and it's very detailed, I think I shall be motivated by this immensely. :) I was working 2 different songs earlier this week, one of them is basically finished, the other is on hold, and I've begun a new progression since I felt inspired today. :) I hope they turn out. I recently watched all the Ringu movies (ringu, ringu 2, ringu 0, rasen) And I was more amused than anything. Though sometimes they intruiged me. That is about it for my activities, I shall now attempt to get a good nights rest before my oral, though I find it hard to tear myself away from my conversation with Charity. :) Fairwell. Oyasuminasai and ect. :P

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, January 15th, 2006
3:39 pm
Quaker Oat Squares
I was very glad to arrive at this weekend after the first week back from school, as I was become rather exausted physically and welcomed the break. The only real interest of my week was my guitar exam which I received an 87% which is less than my first exam, but still decent. I didn't particularly have much time to study. Since I was gone all christmas vacation. (Though mind you I'm not complaining. :P)
Friday: I obviously attended school most of the day and upon my return took a short nap. Most of my activities are blurred from my mind since I was quite tired. Untill later on in the evening I watched a film with my parents entitled "The Deal" which was rather uninspiring and bland. I drifted in and out of sleep and then drank some tea to awake myself after the film. I Then spent the rest of my evening online. Organizing my music folders, and conversing with Charity. :)
Saturday: I was supposed to go to Montreal with my french partener (for a project) to get some items from Chinatown for a presentation on Japan we are to do in french class for an oral grade. Though when I awoke at 12:30 I found that she had neglected to call me and hence I simply walked around my house and idly conversed with my parents for a while, till I settled down to read a bit of The Brothers Karamazov. I then made a short trip to Bureau en Gros (Staples) and bought cd labeling software, labels, and 50 cd-rs. The rest of my afternoon was spent as thus and then my family and I watched another film entitled "The Son's Room." I fell asleep within ten minutes and didn't wake untill the end so I can't really give it any kind of review. Afterword I spent some time practicing guitar, and then settled down to the computer to complete the organization of my music files. I basically finished. I was then overjoyed later on in the night to be able to hear Charity's voice once again as we conversed late into the night on Skype. I fell asleep around.. 4 I think. I don't quite recall though.
Sunday: I awoke, showered, and made my way to the church to complete my duties as a drummer. It went fairly well and I was then brought home by a friend of the bassist Sylvain Nantel. They were kind and amiable. I got home made some Lo mein noodles and watched a Sherlock Holmes movie which was passing on tv. I spent some time on guitar, and am close to concluding 2 new compositions. I hope they shall turn out ok. Other then that my day has been quite normal, but nice since I've been home alone. :) I think I shall do somemore guitar work before my parents come home. (Since I can play louder :P)
Fairwell, I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends!

Current Mood: calm
Monday, January 9th, 2006
2:08 am
La vie normal. Genre.
I've not felt very attached with livejournal lately, but I though I should update anyway! I had an excelent Christmas and New Years break, being with Charity, and Planetarium being the highlights. For those 2 weeks I seemingly dropped out of the normal world and now I am simply attempting to reajust myself to prepare to reenter studies and such. Haha I think my sleeping habits have taken the hardest hit. :P Oh well it was well worth it. I can't wait to hear what people think of Pallid Imprint, I'm very excited to hear some feedback. We've come a long way since Orrery.
So for the last day or two I've been going to bed at near 4 or 5 and rising at 3 : P Reading most of the day away, and playing guitar. Though my elbow started hurting so I've decided to give it a rest, haha bad tyming since I have a guitar exam mercredi. I finished for the 9th time the Narnia series, and I still enjoy the books immensely. I think I'll finish The Brothers Karamazov once and for all next and then progress onto reading "Sense and Sensibility" I'm sure I shall enjoy this book a great deal since I appreciated the movie to a very high extent! Go Alan Rickman! :P Well that's about it for the update, I hope everyone is fairing well. :) A la prochaine! Support Planetarium! :)

Current Mood: optimistic
Thursday, January 5th, 2006
12:08 am
Well once again I participated in a jovial M.A.S.H.
and here are the results.

I shall live with: Josh in a House
My transportation is a sea turtle
My occupation is stunt man
I will live in Chiba!
I'll have one child named Gargantuan Jr.
I will have a pet Baluga named Thrice
The artistic direction in my home is Children's show!
Josh will be a puzzle maker hehe
I will speak creole
and I will be 2 feet tall!

Oh what the future holds. :P

Current Mood: amused
Monday, December 12th, 2005
9:29 pm
Nantel Musique etc.
Enfin, on a visité Nantel musique pour qu'ils reparent ma guitare electrique.(après le changement des saison des fois ils faut faire un check up :P, aussi un de mes fret avait un probleme.) Ca ma aussi donner, finalement, une chance d'acheter un adapteur pour ma pédale d'effets. Après mon père et moi on arreter au Place Rosemére puis J'ai acheter le film Donnie Darko, il etait juste 8$ Mon père a acheter le film Crash. On a enfin retourner chez nous puis je me suis jeté dans un monde crée par mes ecouteurs et ma guitar. :) J'éspére que vous avaient passé une bonne journée! À la prochaine!

Current Mood: content
Sunday, December 4th, 2005
7:54 pm
I quite enjoyed my day. Mostly devoted to further exploring the realms of musique that can be produced with my guitar. It was quite a relaxing and calming experience with musical notes. I always cherish my ventures into this world. Plus, with the new studio like headphones I now own the sound is very clear and all other sound is either muffled or nonexistant. I finished my guitar part for Albedo, (I shall attempt to record it for you Scott so as to know your opinion since it is your own brilliant creation)
I've also been working on a composition that I've had in mind for a while and felt inspired to work on it today, though it's mostly made up of improv and I'm attempting to solidify it. In any case, I'm very gratefull to the birthday wishes I received from many :) They warmed my heart. Merci! Though I was reflecting on this and I realized I never really put much importance on my own birthday. I mean that, I don't particularly see it as a day that's incredibly more important than others.. hm that vaguelly came out depressing but I don't mean it too. :) Simply typing out thoughts. Anyway, I really did appreciate the birthday wishes hehe! I finally viewed Harry Potter 4 and enjoyed it on the whole as a film though I was quite dissapointed with the actor who plays Dumbledore's perfomance in the film. especially his reaction to Harry's name coming out of the Goblet of Fire. En tout cas.. I hope you have all been fairing well! :) Bonne nuit.

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, November 27th, 2005
8:24 pm
J'ai même pas encore vu Harry Potter!
These last few days have been rather pleasant. Even though I did not actually physically do much this weekend I still feel like it was a succesfull weekend. :P I did finish recording 2 more guitar parts for Scott and Josh. I beleive one is now entitled entitled General Anesthesia. Other than that I mostly spent time venturing further into my current novel The brothers Karamazov, playing guitar, attempting to find drum parts for planetarium songs such as Emetic, and also attempting to create a finished guitar part for a bass song Scott sent me... I have a few ideas but I have yet to bring it all together. And of course dwelling into the early hours of the morning conversing with miss Charity. :)
Other than these things, nothing much of interest comes to mind. I hope to see Harry Potter finally this week, since I've heard some good reviews! Anyways, I hope you are all fairing well. :) A la prochaine. Support Planetarium! :P hehe

Current Mood: optimistic
Saturday, November 19th, 2005
10:39 pm
Mister Dressup, Theodore the Tugboat
Oh how I loved those shows as a child. :)

Today was rather pleasant. :) I woke around 11 and then proceeded (once clothed : P) to make my father a playlist on Windows Media player, since he is always wanting to listen to certain songs that are only in my own music files. I completed that and showed it to him, and to my surprise he requested me to put some Cali Gari onto his playlist. I was overjoyed to do so! I then grabbed my mp3 player and my coat to go outside and work on stacking the large pile of wood that was delivered to our house. My father informed me he would pay me if I did it. It would have been tedious if I had not my music along with me. I worked out there from 1:00 to 4:15 about. I did not complete the stacking but I decided I would complete it the next day. I not long after called Miss Charity and was overjoyed to find her home and willing to converse. :) That was without a doubt the high point of my day. An hour or so later I was called to dinner, and to dinner I went! :P I then watched the end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my father since he had been watching it before hand. After a little while I decided to accomplish the task of cleaning up the basement and my own humble abode. I was then without anything to do for and I sat down and looked through some old songs and in a few minutes had figured out "Bohemian Like You" by The Dandy Warhols on my guitar. I played that a few times and then put away the trusty instrument. My parents came downstairs to watch tv but there was nothing on I conversed with them for a while but then they decided to go off to read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and I sat down next to the fire and read a chapter or two in "the Brothers Karamazov" which I have become very fond of, especially the character Alyosha. Since then I have mostly been reading and taking part in a few short conversations online. For now I think I shall return to Dostoyevsky's world of the Brothers Karamazov. I hope you are all fairing well. :)

Current Mood: calm
Sunday, November 13th, 2005
12:54 am
B-O-I-S etc.
I'm exausted. I must rise at 6:30 tomorow to prepare to play for sunday morning. gah. I spent all this weekend practicing and playing drums for a christian (missions) fest. My guitar prof had asked for my assistance. I was glad to help in anyway and so I agreed. Though I should have then cancelled playing tomorow morning but oh well. Our last "performance" was this evening and it went rather smoothly. :) It was rather fun and exciting to play on such a large stage with all the lights and microphones. And we had an excelent guitarist playing for us. It was a good experience. Though near the end I was completely out of my senses, I have since then regained a bit of my composure since I had lost it after a laughing fit involving one intelligent phrase "He was at job" which at the time was truly hillarious. Other points of interest where when my father,Dan(my guitar prof), and I had a lenghty conversation about platipus(sp?) and how we would like to adopt one and what kind of sounds it might make. :P Anyway... that is all I really have to say, my other activities of late have included conversing with Miss Elizabeth which without fail brings a smile to my face every time, and running over old and new compositions and preparing to record all of them to send to the rest of Planetarium for sampling. I hope you all have led interesting days! :) A la prochaine, au revoir.

Current Mood: groggy
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
10:27 pm
Quebec city
This weekend my family and I made our way down to Quebec city, my place of birth and childhood, for reasons including my father was going to marry a couple, and we wanted to visit some old family friends from long ago. It was an enjoyable weekend over all.
Friday- I awoke at around 10:30 to pack my belongings and take a shower before we left on our 4 hours trip. I completed my own jobs to do that morning and then retreated to the kitchen to eat cinnamon bread, or whatever it may be called, but my mother always makes it for friends of the family when we visit, and she usually leaves one for us to eat as well. It's quite tasty. :) So finally we departed at 12:30 and apart from the exception of stopping at Canadian Tire so I could purchase some desperatly needed small headphones for my old ones had ceased to produce music, we completed the trip without stopping. We arrived at 4 and my father made is way to the wedding practice while I said hello to the family we were staying with, It was a joyfull greeting since I grew up with their oldest kids David and Rachel, and their grandmother was somewhat like my 3rd grandmother. :) They are a very kind family, and David is an excelent violinist. The entire family plays a stringed instrument and they are amazing to listen to, I sat down and listened to their practise that night and it was impressive and calming. They are all excelent musicians. They then brought a matress down and I conversed with David for a while until we drifted of to sleep.
Saturday- I awoke at 12:28 and promptly made my way to the kitchen for lunch. I was greeted by their amusing and kind dog Symphonie, who never ever barks but oddly will pick up his toy in his mouth and circle around you slowly and growling, all the while his tail is flopping about in complete euphoria at the site of newcomers to the home. :P The rest of the day included a "jam" session with my and David since I had brought my guitar and he had his electric violin, it was rather enjoyable. :) I also observed him creating and programing a site for his course in cegep. It was interesting to watch and he is becoming quite the skilled programer. The rest of the evening was spent in conversation with various people and enjoying a lovely meal.
-Sunday(or today rather) I awoke and attended a church service that this family played at in the morning, I enjoyed the music. Though the pastor at this particular church wasn't very captivating hence David and I traversed across the road from the building and went to the depanneur for a snack/coffee. On our return, he quickly finished his site, and then we sat down and watched the Final Fantasy (Advent Children) which was released in Japan and his friend had gotten it for him with english subtitles. The animation in that movie is incredible, though this bootleg version wasn't top pixel quality when you put it full screen on the computer but it was still rather impressive. I enjoyed it very much andhe offered the copy to me since he had no further use for it. We then packed our things and parted ways with them and headed back to Montreal. And here I am! :P I'm currently completing a french assignment and conversing with Miss Elizabeth, I hope that all your weekends were well spent, A la prochaine!

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
11:56 pm
J'ai aucune idée comment jouer un G7...
I have been rather buisy of late preparing for a guitar exam in school.. It had completely slipped my mind untill a few days ago, and I actually wasn't quite sure what I had to know until the first day of testing.. thankfully I was not called, though I'm sure I could have pulled off something. heh. It's all rather basic stuff lecture wise... And I had already memorized most of my scales but I had to figure out these Arpege's which didn't quite make sense at first but they seem simply enough. A cause de cette exam qui s'en viens, I had to pause work on a chanson I had begun and was fond of. I do hope I shan't lose any of my memories concerning it.
My other activities of late have included one last game of tennis before they lock the courts near our house, and conversing late into the night with miss Elizabeth. :) By the way, if Scott you happen to come across this entry.. I was wondering wether you could email me your Address... I seem to have missplaced it. :/ If not I shall simply attempt to find my old phone book heh. Anyway, I hope you have all been enjoying these lovely autumn days. :) They are announcing snow for us soon. :P

Current Mood: thoughtful
Friday, October 21st, 2005
10:55 pm
Ah, la temperature devient un peut frigide.
In my opinion it is begining to become a bit more on the chilly windy side in Montreal. I could do without the wind. :P
I've been feeling quite positive of late but rather exausted at times for I've been ignoring any kind of sleeping schedual for who knows how long. :P But I am still in good spirits. :)
Though I'm rather frustrated at the fact that my home is being invaded by 6 strangers this weekend, and hence I shall not get much time to get away from socializing to relax. Which I was really looking forward to :/ and plus I since some of these people are sleeping in the downstairs living where my ordinateur is located... I cannot stay on very late, though they are kindly letting me stay on for a while since I do not mind having all the lights of. Today was better than expected though for when I came home I was greeted with a peacefull and empty house and was able to play guitar for 2 hours straight without worries of bothering anyone or being interrupted myself. :P I started a new idea for a composition and I hope that it shall amount to something!!
Oh spectacular, the Lady of the night has arrived on her steed!
Fair thee well mes amis(ies)!

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, October 14th, 2005
2:03 am
: )
Let's think of ways to describe today:
- did I mention the Euphoria part.. cause that word is perfect for this.
- A perfect evening without a doubt..

Charity you are absolutly amazing : )
and this scarf is really comfortable.

Current Mood: words cannot fathom my joy!
Monday, October 10th, 2005
8:30 pm
Joyeux Action de Grace.

A happy thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! : )

My day off was quite relaxing, though it did not go as previously planned.  I had planned on mowing the lawn and then making off to Montreal to the Nippon village, but I awoke to a day of rain, and sadly the cd boutique was closed because of the holiday.  Instead I decided to clean my room and the basement while listening to the "Les Choristes" soundtrack and Squarepusher.  I think rain and music where the main reasons to why I felt so good today. : )  I then played a few games of Ping Pong with my father, I lost all, though they were very close but it was very fun all the same. (We listened to Merry.. and the strangest Cali Gari song I've ever heard during this tournement, my father was truly amused by the Cali Gari song : P)  Then Russ (our friendly neighbor, and the father of the children I babysit) Stopped by to lend us some microsoft software that we had lost when we had to replace our hardrive.  I had Orrery playing at the time and he was very impressed. : )  His favorite song was "Imagination"   After he left I contented myself to playing guitar and listening to Dir en Grey.. my guitar teacher has been teaching me about downtuning so I tried a few different things and figured  out most of the guitar parts for Child Prey : P  It's very easy to figure out though the tuning is horribly difficult to get right. It's rather entertaining to play :P  I then ate a lovely supper and conversed with my parents for a while.  since then I've been sitting drinking coffee and waiting for my parents to announce it's time for pumpkin pie. : )    I hope you all had a great day!  A la prochaine : )

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, October 6th, 2005
8:29 pm
De retour.
I just returned yesterday from a forced vacation of internet and computer all together. Yes our resident ordinateur desided it needed a nap(eternally so) So my father and I embarked on a journey to find the source of the problem.. but sadly failed. We eventually had to get a new hardrive and motherboard. And I'm happy to say it's in excelent health. :P

My activities of late have included, playing tennis with my father, Listening to old and new music as well (Thank you Scott!), Practicing guitar, and working on theory as well for that same instrument. I also bought new shoes, since my old pair were undoubtedly at the end of their career. They are different then any other shoes I've gotten but I'm happy with them so far. I spent alot of my free time without computer immersed in thoughts over various matters and lost in the great world of literature! I somewhat enjoyed the *break* :P Anyway, I hope you are all fairing well, Adieu.. et A la prochaine.

Current Mood: content
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